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NOTICE: Feverish visitors and caretakers will NOT be allowed at GMH

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Thermal scanners are being used at Guam Memorial Hospital to detect whether visitors and caretakers have a fever of 100 degrees or greater. Those people will NOT be allowed, according to a GMH circular issued today by its administrator, Lillian Perez-Posadas.

GMH security guards will be conducting the temperature screenings at the hospital's entrances.

Ms. Perez-Posadas Saturday issued a circular modifying GMH's visitation policy, which restricted the emergency room to patients and GMH staff only. Visitors and caretakers are being instructed to wait in other areas of the hospital.

The exception to the 'no visitor/caretaker' rule is when the patient is a minor, a person with a disability, or otherwise requires a guardian. In these cases - and as long as that visitor or caretaker does not have a fever of 100 degrees or higher, that visitor or caretaker will be authorized to accompany the patient.

The modified visitation policy also states that viewing for the dead will be limited to one hour.

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Governors press conference was lame. Not one reporter asked what condition the patients were in, especially since they are all over age 60 (I believe), they live here and they had traveled to the Philippines. What symptoms were they having when they called 911 ? The fact that the flight arrived back here on March 2nd, it is probably safe to say that more than likely, new cases will start appearing. Contact tracing at this point? Ok whatever, but I think we all know where this is going.


I have a lot of questions, but I didn't think that the CDC had ruled out transmission prior to onset of fever. I thought there were questions remaining.

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