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Ornellas: I removed Andrew's head from his body

Donovan Ornellas told police he removed Andrew Ray Castro's head at a Santa Rita apartment using "the knife that was given to me." Prosecutor Jeremiah Luther's declaration of probable cause against Ornellas does not provide any other details about who gave him the knife, or whether he was sent there to kill Mr. Castro. The declaration, which you may read below in its entirety, does state Mr. Ornellas told police he killed Castro because "Andrew had placed his family in danger."

"On or about January 19, 2021 , at approximately 2:00 pm, GPD officers were alerted to a disturbance at an apartment complex in Santa Rita. Once on the scene, the preliminary officer identified a distraught female sitting outside the apartment. She was crying and told the officer that her husband was inside and that he was dead. The officer entered the apartment and observed a lifeless, decapitated male sitting in a wheel chair. Upon questioning, the female reported that the male was Andrew Ray Castro (Victim). She also reported that she had seen him alive and well earlier that morning when she left for work. The female reported that when she left the apartment Andrew was in the presence of DONOVAN ALLEN CHARGUALAF ORNELLAS (dob: 8/16/1980) (Defendant) and did not appear to be in any distress. She reported that no other person was in the apartment (except for ORNELLAS and Andrew) when she left for work. "ORNELLAS was located and questioned. After being advised of his rights, he wrote a statement in which he describes using crystal methamphetamine while at Andrew's apartment. In his statement, he wrote that he felt compelled to kill Andrew because Andrew had placed his family in danger. ORNELLAS wrote that: "I had removed his [Andrew's] head from his body... I used the knife that was given to me ... I placed the head into a black plastic bag..." ORNELLAS went on to describe driving to an area in the north of Guam and leaving the head in a burned car in the jungle."

Mr. Luther is seeking murder and aggravated assault charges against Ornellas.

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