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Pet dog butchered in Barrigada

By Nancy I. Maanao

A family is mourning its beloved dog after he was butchered in Canada, Barrigada.

A picture of the mutilated dog and news of his attack and death spread from a Barrigada neighborhood watch group chat. Members, shocked and horrified by what appear to be machete chops into the dog's back, offered to pay for emergency veterinary care to save the dog. He died moments later.

Guam Animals In Need president Cyrus Luhr said GAIN is trying to get in touch with the dog's family to find out more. Mr. Luhr and GAIN have been seeing an increase in cruelty to animals cases. This latest one happened in a quiet neighborhood of homes in Canada.

"There's a psychopath among us," one of the homeowners said, on condition of anonymity. "Who does this but a psychopath?"

Another Barrigada resident asked whether the dog had attacked anyone. Guam law actually allows a person being attacked, or a witness to an attack, to kill the dog attacking a person either during the attack, or after.

"Any person who is attacked by a pet or animal or any person witnessing any such attack may kill such pet or animal while so attacking or thereafter. Such person shall notify the Department immediately of such killing and remain with the carcass until an officer takes possession of the carcass. The carcass shall be immediately delivered to the Department for examination." - §34110, Chapter 34, Title 10 GCA

It is illegal to harm an animal that simply is trespassing on your property.

"(a) Any person who shall observe a pet to be trespassing on land or premises not owned or possessed by owner of the pet shall report such trespass to the Pet Control Unit. (b) It shall be unlawful for any person to kill a pet not owned by him except in any of the following cases or as otherwise provided in this Article (1) The pet is found in the act of killing, wounding or persistently pursuing livestock or poultry on land or premises not owned or possessed by the pet owner; (2) The person has such proof as conclusively shows that the pet has recently engaged in killing or wounding his livestock or poultry on land or premises owned by him." - §34112, Chapter 34, Title 10 GCA
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