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PHOTOS & heartfelt testimony: Major Tara Balajadia

“In Pre-Officer Candidate School, during a ruck march, my feet bled through my boots. I completed the ruck despite the pain because of a miraculous lady, my mother, Doreen. I thought of my mother who was battling her second round of cancer. When she was diagnosed the second time, even with the cancer weakening her ability to walk, she listened with faith and heard, 'You are blessed, you have more than enough.' During the miles of ruck marches before I could even feel discouraged, I thought, 'If my mom could take a step, so can I.'

"I found myself listening more with faith, and tried not to be discouraged by what I saw but be encouraged by what can become.

"To the fine Soldiers I have worked alongside, I draw my motivation from your hard work and dedication. You inspire me to always strive to do better.

"To my C.L. Taitano Elementary School Family, your supportive embrace, charges me with the drive to work full force upon my return.

"To my family, your unconditional love and support is overwhelming, your love brings comfort and security so I can focus on my task on hand.

"Thank you for joining me in celebrating this accomplishment. It is our accomplishment”
- Guam Guard’s newest Major and birthday celebrant, Maj. Tara Balajadia

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