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Please adopt these angels...

(Note: Kandit did not author the captions below. You will note the captions are sweet; our writers are not. GAIN volunteers wrote these)


This little dude is 4 years old and has so much love to give. The smile on his face is so captivating. Let this little dude snuggle his way into your heart.


This sweet girl who’s 2 years old will give you all the feels. She has the sweetest eyes & smile. Life is great and Paisley will make it better!!


This handsome guy Washi will definitely invade your space & lay on your chest all day long. He has the cutest purrrrr that will melt your heart. Stop by the shelter to meet this handsome guy!


This little nugget is always up to no good. She has the weirdest stance & can wiggle her way into your heart. She will definitely make you say “ You had me at meow”

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