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Police confiscate chopsticks after woman says boyfriend threatened to stab her eyes with them

By Johnnie Rosario

Christopher Castro told police he was just joking, when he told his girlfriend - Stephanie Alano - to hurry up and pick up their daughter "before I stab your eyes with these chopsticks."

Police confiscated a set of chopsticks from the Tamuning hotel room Castro and Alano were in yesterday, after she told police her side of the story.

"Alano explained that they were in the hotel room when Defendant asked Alano to pick up their daughter in Maina," according to prosecutor Sean Brown's declaration of probable cause charging Mr. Castro with misdemeanor violation of a court order. "Alano told police that she informed Defendant she did not want to pick up their daughter yet. Alano said to police that Defendant stated 'I'm tired! You don't like to listen! You better hurry up before I stab your eyes with these chopsticks!"

Ms. Alano told police she was scared Mr. Castro would hurt her or their daughter due to past physical abuse. She told police he was arrested in September. Mr. Brown said Castro was charged earlier this year and was released with conditions, including an order to not harass, annoy or molest Alano. The release order also detailed that "contact with alleged victim Stephanie Alano is permitted if there is a third party present." Mr. Brown said police did not indicate whether another person was in the hotel room with the couple. Mr. Castro said their nine-year-old daughter was the third party.

"Alano also told police that Defendant has been hearing voices and that she lives in fear since his release from jail," Mr. Brown's declaration states.

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