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Police find 2-year-old beaten, arrest toddler's mother's boyfriend

By Eric Rosario

Peter John Nededog Acfalle, 44, was arrested Veterans Day after his girlfriend accused him of repeatedly and aggressively hitting her two-year-old daughter. Mr. Acfalle denied hitting the child.

According to a declaration of probable cause by prosecutor Sean Brown, the child's mother told police Mr. Acfalle "repeatedly hit [the child] with a slipper on the right shoulder and back area. She told the officer the child was hit 'really hard.'

'He hit her because she was crying'

The little girl's mother told police her boyfriend repeatedly hit the toddler "because she was crying," according to Mr. Brown.

The responding police officer noted the baby had bruising and swelling to her lower, middle, and upper back areas.

According to Mr. Brown, Mr. Acfalle has a history of violent criminal activity. He was indicted for burglary to a motor vehicle earlier this year. In 2015 he pled guilty to family violence and violation of a court order.

Mr. Brown is seeking misdemeanor child abuse and family violence charges against Mr. Acfalle in the Superior Court of Guam.

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