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Police looking for gray Ford Ranger with white sticker

By Johnnie Rosario

(Mangilao, Guam) Police are looking for a gray Ford Ranger pickup truck, with license plate 7814 TFL, in connection with the escape of two Department of Corrections inmates.

The truck has white stickers on the rear windshield, possibly a last name. If you see this truck and notice that one or both of the people in or near it are either of the two inmates who escaped, do not approach. Call 911 right away to report it. Police are not sure whether the men are armed. Both have histories of violence.

Johnnie Del Rosario

At 9:10 p.m. Wednesday, October 9, inmates Johnnie Gene Del Rosario and Johnny Borja Atalig escaped from the prison's halfway house in Mangilao and were seen fleeing in a pickup truck heading toward Chalan Pago.

The inmates previously were housed in maximum security. It is unclear why they were staying at the halfway house.

A witness near Oka PayLess in Tamuning told police he saw Mr. Atalig in the area. Mr. Atalig, according to the witness, asked where the nearest gameroom was. The witness provided a description of the truck Mr. Atalig was in, and police have been looking for the truck since.

Samantha Brennan, director of corrections, is pictured here testifying at the Legislature about an hour before the escapes happened

Director of Corrections Samantha Brennan sent a news release at 12:15 a.m. today announcing that DOC is assisting the Guam Police Department to find the escapees. She also has asked GPD to conduct the internal affairs investigation into this matter.

For more information on how this story began and more details on it, please click here.

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Jesse Mendiola
Jesse Mendiola
Oct 09, 2019

The first place he wants to go is a game room? These fools are high as a kite. They must have some how gotten high and decided to go check si liberty..smh..


Oct 09, 2019

While some inmates fantasize about visiting whorehouses, going on booze-benders, or binging on the drug of their choice as the first things they’ll do, if they ever busted out of jail—Johnny had bigger dreams of hitting up the first game room he could find.

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