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POLICE OFFICER: He almost ran me over

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Another recording of the emergency management system radio transmissions between police officers captured a 30-second call in of one officer announcing shots were fired.

Officer 1: Shots fired

Officer 2: Are they shooting at you?

Officer 3: He almost ran me over.

Officer 2: Where are you at, prim?

Officer 3: In the pipeline.

Officer 2: North from, north from (unintelligible), or what?

Officer: Pipeline

Another 1:05 minute recording of radio transmissions was sent to Kandit News by a source of information. Based on radio transmission sent to Kandit News the police chase ended with one male suspect suffering a gun shot wound somewhere near the pipeline road area of Dededo. Medics were dispatched to assist.

This case is developing.

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