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Police say pair admitted to illegal gun, smoking ice, and selling it while in recovery

According to the magistrates complaint charging Kenneth Reyes, 55, and Janessa Tydingco, 39, with multiple felonies, the pair - arrested in Dededo Wednesday night - did not invoke their right to remain silent and admitted to police the following:

  1. Reyes told police he fired shots from an unregistered firearm, which was located underneath a blue Porsche Boxter

  2. Tydingco told police she was currently on probation for drug possession and that she and Reyes had just smoked ice

  3. Reyes told police both he and Tydingco were recently released from prison, and that both of them were trying to make money selling ice

  4. Tydingco told police to "F*** off," when police tried speaking with her further

You may read the magistrates report in its entirety below:

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