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Police target couple that blew whistle on home destruction

By Troy Torres

The ink hadn’t even dried on the jury foreman’s signature on the guilty verdicts against Derek Chauvin, when seven armed and uniformed Guam Police Officers entered the property of a young couple Kandit previously told you about. This morning, the tenants of 163A Estralita St. in Tamuning received a disturbing phone call from their landlord.

‘There were seven cops here in uniform,’ the women said. ‘One of them said his name is Jed Santo Tomas and he said to call him at any precinct. They didn’t have a warrant, but they were on our property.’

The landlord recognized a couple of the officers as part of the contingent that raided the home on March 31, when police destroyed tens of thousands of dollars in property and mishandled the female tenant’s undergarments - all caught on tape. Kandit turned over two hours of surveillance showing the officers destroying the home to the GPD internal affairs division last week.

“Consistent with what the chief told you during your interview with him, once the video was received the internal administrative investigation was launched,” police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao said. Neither he nor chief of police Stephen Ignacio have answered whether the chief has opened a criminal investigation against the officers involved.

Kandit also emailed Mr. Ignacio, Mr. Tapao, and the officer in charge of internal affairs, Lt. Ron Taitano, inquiring about the ill-timed warrantless appearance by officers at this residence. No response.

Are these officers retaliating?

Are they rogue?

Do they have the blessings of their police chief to conduct themselves this way?

Most important of all, does the Governor condone or condemn this?

The Governor this morning, following global news of the conviction of Mr. Chauvin, released the following statement:

"I echo the sentiments of leaders across this nation. This verdict holds Derek Chauvin accountable for his actions, but there is no justice in a system that allows, and too often excuses, police brutality against people of color, especially the Black community. The outcome of the trial will not bring back George Floyd and will not end systemic racism, but today, we exhale, we mourn, and we continue the fight.”

Asked whether the governor has anything to say about local allegations of police corruption, her director of communications, Krystal Paco-San Agustin said she would inquire. Hours later, we have received no response from Adelup.

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