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Port Police Chief: Joanne Brown is a liar

Doris Aguero, seaport chief of police

By Nancy I. Maanao

Seaport police chief Doris Aguero says Sen. Joanne Brown lied to the public about a story Brown told regarding a port police officer.

Ms. Brown told the media this past week that a port police officer tested positive for drugs, and that Ms. Aguero covered it up.

"As a law enforcement officer who has dedicated more than 30 years of my life to public service, I am shocked and offended that Senator Brown would make these false accusations against me," Ms. Aguero wrote in a statement to the media about the matter. "I do not condone drug abuse by any of my police officers and, in fact, Senator Brown is knowingly misleading the public about what transpired with this officer."

Ms. Aguero said the incident Brown referred to actually happened while Brown was the general manager of the seaport.

"This officer did not test positive for illegal drugs and Senator Brown is aware of this situation as she was the General Manager when the drug test was conducted," Ms. Aguero wrote.

The police chief, who rarely makes public comments, said she could not remain quiet while Brown was lying to the public about her integrity and that of her police force.

"While I am aware of Senator Brown's desire and nature to play politics and mud sling at others, I will not stand by as she attacks me personally or any of my officers," Ms. Aguero said. "Joanne Brown owes us an apology for what she said and she should apologize to the public as well for misleading them with false information."

Ms. Brown also provided false information to the public regarding the nature of seaport employee Frankie Rosalin's arrest in another matter.

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