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Port takes action against police officer Frank San Nicolas

By Jacob Nakamura

The seaport authority has taken administrative action against port police officer Frank San Nicolas.

"Mr. San Nicolas has not been allowed to return to work," seaport general manager Rory Respicio said. "Administrative action has been taken however I cannot disclose the details of those actions because it is a personnel matter."

Mr. San Nicolas was arrested by Guam police officers June 3, 2020 on the allegations made by several women that he raped them. Mr. Respicio began an internal investigation once he was notified of the arrest, and released the following statement to Kandit:

"These are very serious allegations involving the off-duty conduct of Officer San Nicolas and that’s why I have instructed Port Police Chief Doris Aguero and Human Resources Manager Francine Rocio to immediately conduct an internal investigation to address the administrative portion of this matter. This will be separate from the criminal investigation which is being conducted by Guam Police." - Rory Respicio, June 3 regarding the arrest of Frank San Nicolas

He was released from prison pending trial on June 8.

While unspecified administrative action has been taken that is barring Mr. San Nicolas from returning to work, Mr. Respicio also tells Kandit, "The Internal Affairs investigation with Port Police and the Human Resources Division continues."

The barring of Mr. San Nicolas from return to work is significant because normally employees under internal investigation normally are placed on administrative leave for only 20 days. It has been more than a month since his arrest and his placement on administrative leave. It is unclear what his work status is, and whether he is on leave without pay following the 20-day period.

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