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Prison worker under investigation; drugs allegedly found at DOC, again

By Danielle Baza

An inside source at the Department of Corrections alleged a DOC worker was called to participate in a random drug test and refused to take it. The source alleged a sweep of the worker's work station was conducted, and drugs were found.

Department of Corrections deputy director Robert Camacho confirmed an employee is under investigation for a recent event that he refused to detail due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and personnel privacy rules. He confirmed methamphetamine was not found at DOC, but refused to comment, when asked if other drugs were found on the premises.

Here is the transcript of the interview between Kandit and Mr. Camacho:

KANDIT: I got a tip that one of your workers [NAME WITHHELD] was called to do a random drug test and she refused and her area was swept and drugs were found. Is this true?
CAMACHO: Uh, of course you know, Troy, I cannot discuss any details right now.

KANDIT: Is it true methamphetamine, or presumptive methamphetamine, was found at DOC?

KANDIT: Is it true any drugs were found at DOC?
CAMACHO: I can't discuss anything further than that. But, ah, at this point I can't disclose anything pending investigation.

KANDIT: So there is an internal investigation on one of your employees, at least?
CAMACHO: Yeah. But I can't discuss who or whatever.

KANDIT: How many employees? How many employees are the subject of this investigation?
CAMACHO: Um, just one.

KANDIT: This is a recent event?
CAMACHO: Yes, a recent event.

KANDIT: Is there any suspicion from the prison that this employee was engaging in illegal conduct with prisoners.
CAMACHO: Um, no. At this point, we're not at that point to discuss that.

KANDIT: Did this employee refuse to show for a random drug test?
CAMACHO: I can't discuss that at this point.

Mr. Camacho said that while he wants to be more forthcoming with information to the public, personnel privacy laws and rules prohibit him from doing so.

According to the government of Guam's personnel rules and regulations regarding GovGuam's Drug Free Workplace Policy, "If an employee refuses to be tested, regardless of the reason for the testing, he or she will be informed that refusal will be considered failure to follow a direct order and will result in discipline."

The policy, which was adopted on December 5, 1995 by then-Gov. Carl Gutierrez, also states, "An employee who fails to appear for any type of testing will be subject to the same range of discipline as a verified positive test result for illegal drug use."

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