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Quitugua may testify against others

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) A man accused in federal court of being part of a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine with the late Luis Hocog has agreed to testify against others, whom the federal government is investigating. The plea agreement Jacob Quitugua signed March 27, 2019, and that was recently unsealed in District Court, does not say whom Mr. Quitugua will provide testimony against.

Mr. Quitugua was facing life in federal prison for his part in a November 3, 2017, retrieval of two pounds of methamphetamine from the mail and intent to deliver the drugs. Federal investigators obtained a search warrant the day prior for a mail parcel that had arrived containing the drugs and addressed to Nadine Quitugua. They placed an electronic tracking device on the package.

Mr. Quitugua picked up the package and was stopped by investigators while on the road and taken into custody. He confessed to the expected contents of the package and his role in a drug trafficking scheme with the late Mr. Hocog, who died last year in prison. He said that the package belonged to Mr. Hocog, that this was the fourth mail package of drugs he had picked up for Mr. Hocog, and that Mr. Hocog would pay him $5,000 for each time he would pick up the packages.

In exchange for the recommendation by federal prosecutors for a significant downward departure on jail time, Mr. Quitugua has agreed: make a full, complete and truthful statement regarding his involvement in criminal conduct, as well as the involvement of all others known to him. Defendant agrees to testify fully and truthfully at any trials or hearings. Defendant understands that this plea agreement is not conditioned on the outcome o f any trial. Defendant further understands, however, that this plea agreement is contingent on complete and truthful testimony by Defendant in response to questions asked by the Court, the prosecutor, or lawyers for any party.

Mr. Quitugua's plea agreement follows:

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