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Rachel Mantanona files official misconduct complaint against her father; asks AG to reopen rape case

By Nancy I. Maanao

Rachel Mantanona, the 26-year-old former Guam resident who filed a rape complaint against her father that police dismissed, has asked the attorney general and the police chief to reopen the case.

In a complaint she sent today to Attorney General Leevin Camacho and police chief Stephen Ignacio, Ms. Mantanona says her father, airport fire chief Raymond Mantanona, should be charged with official misconduct.

She also pointed out that while the actual rapes occurred days before the statute of limitations law was lifted, her father's threats against her to not report his crimes constituted the continuation of the crimes, and happened after the law changed. She cited Guam law, which pertains to when crimes occur, and informed the attorney general and the police chief that the continuation of his crimes fell after the statute of limitations had been lifted.

Ms. Mantanona had to file this addendum to her original criminal complaint against her father because the Guam Police Department said it was not aware Mr. Mantanona was a government of Guam employee when the rapes happened, triggering the enforcement of the misconduct statute. That law says that if you a GovGuam employee commits a crime, that employee can be charged with misconduct any time while he is employed, and for three years after his employment with the government.

Mr. Mantanona has been a government of Guam employee throughout the time he is alleged to have raped his daughter, and has not had a break in service through to today.

Ms. Mantanona also asked Guam International Airport Authority executive manager John Quinata to begin an administrative internal investigation against Raymond Mantanona. Earlier today, airport spokeswoman Rolenda Faasuamalie confirmed that Mr. Quinata has done just that.

You may read her addendum to her criminal complaint below:

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Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon

Wonder if Ray Mantanona holding anything over Little LouLG, GPD Steve Reesves Ignacio, et al?

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