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Recognize this guy? Thieves charge $700 from card they stole from man with pregnant wife

By Johnnie Rosario

Jonathan Ymballa woke up Saturday to about $700 in credit card charges made at three gas stations around 4 a.m. that day. Someone broke into his car, while he and his young family were sleeping, and stole his wallet and a set of keys.

Ymballa, whose wife is pregnant and struggles as it is, went to the police for help. They asked him to come back, because detectives were busy with the standoff in Yona. When he returned, they told him they couldn't help at the moment because of a riot. So, Mr. Ymballa went to investigate himself, saw surveillance footage from two of the three gas stations where his card was used, and now is asking for your help to get back his property.

The footage he reviewed shows two men in what appears to be a red or maroon colored older model Toyota Camry. In one of the videos, one of the men, the passenger, goes into the gas station, purchases two prepaid phones, and leaves. The surveillance footage and bank transaction history correspond.

If you recognize the man or the car in the pictures and video below, please call Mr. Ymballa at (671) 747-3028.

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