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Recovery advice: Prepare for life like you prepare for a typhoon

By Jesse Mendiola

Recently we were faced with what could have been a potential storm that would devastate an already aching Guam, we as a people did what we always do in times like these: we prepare.

Typically when a storm approaches us we are given ample time to prepare. Days in advance we are told of a forming disturbance so we pay attention. As time goes on it gradually increases to a tropical disturbance. From then it gains momentum increasing into a tropical storm. It is at that moment our instincts and experience kick in to get ready.

As our preparation begins, the storm has increased into a typhoon maintaining its forward movement toward us. We batten down the hatches. We stock up on supplies, fill up our water jugs, gas up our vehicles and take shelter as this storm passes. Once the storm has passed we emerge to ascertain the damage caused.

A few branches here and there, a few roofing tins lost, some flooding. We were prepared to an extent but weaknesses were revealed although the damage was minimal. You take the steps to remove that tree that could pose a bigger problem in the future. You replace that loose tin with a concrete rooftop, you create a better drainage system so flooding won't occur. Then you begin to continue on in life after you have identified all weaknesses. 

The damage caused by this storm doesn't depend solely on the strength of it, but also in part by your foresight to prepare for it. If you lack the preparation then you increase the difficulty of surviving this storm.

Success in life, in general, has a great deal to do with preparation and foresight. Often times we can see potential problems arise way before they materialize. Many times we don't prepare, not realizing that our own storms we face are in large part due to our own choices we make. The consequences of those choices are akin to the level of storm you will experience. Your personal storms in life will help you identify areas within that may need restrengthening and repairs. It is our job to recognize these weakness and take the steps to prepare for any ensuing storms.

It is hard work; it's effort; it's tasking; but the more fortified you become, the harder it will be for life and its storms to knock you down.

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