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REPORT: Trouble in the prison

No answers on silenced conditions at DOC

By Jacob Nakamura

As the criminal justice system continues to release violent offenders while imprisoning victimless criminals, the inmates and detainees are enduring third world conditions, and those with symptoms of COVID-19 are told they can only get cough syrup or Tylenol from the infirmary.

According to several inmates and detainees who have called Kandit News, none of the residents of the Mangilao facility have been tested for COVID-19. Some of them were exposed to a Corrections officer, who tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The prison management also has stopped accepting hand deliveries of hygiene supplies for inmates from family members, and have not provided any hygiene products or cleaning supplies to the residents. The prison is requiring incoming supplies to be mailed, which costs money at a time when most families of the residents are unable to afford the price of mail.

The lack of cleaning supplies has led to deplorable conditions within the Mangilao compound, according to inside sources.

"We've been sharing one gallon of liquid soap to wash ourselves, and we're all using as little as possible because it's almost all gone," one source told Kandit. "They also cut the amount of food we get in half."

The matter has been brought to the attention of the prison's warden, who has yet to answer to the situation for the past two weeks.

Kandit asked the Joint Information Center about the situation this morning. Neither the JIC nor the Governor's Office has answered the inquiry.

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