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REPORT: Women's bureau paid, not assisting with feminine hygiene products for poor & middle class

Lou Leon Guerrero and Jayne Flores

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Jayne Flores, the governor's director of the Bureau of Women's Affairs, spent a lot of time and taxpayer resources to run her agency's social media campaign, recruit abortion doctors, and fashion proclamations. But, according to Civil Defense administrator Charles Esteves, since the Coronavirus crisis started on Guam, she hasn't been around the agency's central operations or been involved in its planning.

And that's important because of a stark reality facing thousands of girls and women who can't afford something they need: feminine hygiene products.

"I haven't seen her around here," Mr. Esteves told Kandit in an interview today. When asked whether the issue has been addressed in any planning by the government, he replied, "Not that I'm aware of."

As Kandit has distributed donations of food, baby supplies, and personal hygiene products from donors, several families have asked about feminine hygiene products for women and their daughters. Tens of thousands of workers have been displaced since Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero shut down the island's industries. Hundreds are beginning to be unable to afford food, let alone feminine hygiene products.

The Office of the Governor has not replied to the majority of the questions Kandit has sent regarding the COVID-19 response.

Ms. Flores and her office are still being paid since the public health emergency began.

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