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Rodney Klinge and his private investigation into Kandit News

By Jacob Nakamura

(Susupe, Saipan) Here at Kandit news we pride ourselves on our intense investigative skills, from unraveling intricate murder cases and announcing suspects to peeling back the layers of government and corporate corruption. We are proud of our work and will never leave any stone un-turned in our hunt for the truth. But our work is very public as we publish our results and our techniques on the internet, social media, what’s app - just about everywhere we can think of. Because our job as advocacy journalists is to expose the truth. Our company also conducts private investigations and are backed by some of the best investigative journalists and former law enforcement officers that have ever worked in the industry on Guam. That’s a different side of the Kandit Corporate offices and you don’t ever hear about that work. Why? Because private investigations are exactly that – private. Much of a private investigator’s success is attributed to his or her ability to collect, analyze and compile information gathered from an investigation and to maintain secrecy at all times. That we are very good at. But apparently not everyone who fancies themselves a private investigator has the same skill sets that our team has.



This is Rodney Klinge. He has been hired to conduct a SECRET investigation into Johnnie Rosario and Troy Torres. He has been to our homes taking photos, gone to the court houses to obtain court records and followed us as we are driving to our family functions. He thinks he is in stealth mode. But clearly he didn’t bring his "A Game" to this party.

F. Randall Cunliffe

Mr. Rodney Klinge is the brother-in-law of Guam attorney Randall Cunliffe who also happens to own game rooms on Guam.

Randy Cunliffe is also the next door neighbor of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and the business partner of First Gentleman Jeff Cook.

First Gentleman Jeffrey A. Cook

Mr. Rodney Klinge is from Saipan where he previously worked as security for Duty Free Saipan and then held a stint representing casino gaming consulting company Spectrum OSO Asia which prides itself on being an investigations and gaming consultancy group specializing in a wide range of economic, compliance and regulatory services to the commercial gaming industry including

· Employee licensing · Junket operator vetting · Business Intelligence · Litigation Support · Assistance to casino owners and a review of compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and other government regulations

Just like the problems facing Saipan’s Imperial Pacific with the recent FBI raids of the casino offices.

RODNEY KLINGE – at the time IPI was trying to obtain their Saipan monopoly – was the Director and Country Manager, Philippines, for Spectrum OSO Asia and on their website he claimed to have more than 35 years of experience in the fields of law enforcement and global corporate security and alleged to be the former head of the Guam Attorney General’s Special Prosecution Division. His bio on their corporate website says “Mr. Klinge has been involved with many high profile criminal investigations in his public law enforcement career and in the private sector. During Mr. Klinge’s law enforcement career he worked primarily in undercover investigations breaking up a number of drug smuggling operations, including a major heroin distribution ring operating in Guam, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan. He also has experience with homicide and kidnapping investigations, and has been involved with the investigation of numerous crimes involving political corruption, financial and white collar crimes.”

In reality Mr. Rodney Klinge was deputy sheriff in Oregon in the 1960s and then spent two years working for the Guam Attorney General from 1978 to 1980 and then one year working for Saipan Trust public safety from 1980 to 1981. After that he was in charge of the security guards at DFS Saipan. He retired and started his business in Saipan called Asian Business Knowledge LLC which is located at #1 Gurugur Lane Capital Hill Saipan. His wife is the sister of Randy Cunliff’s wife who is also a game room owner under license with Guam Music Inc’s Lauran Bromely who recently decided to settle down on Guam buying a $4 million Talo Verde home to spend time here fighting the legislative effort to ban her Blood Money Game Rooms. Federal officials have been notified about private planes departing Guam with large sums of cash on board.

So who hired Mr. Rodney Klinge to investigate myself, Troy and the Kandit News Organization?

Lauran Bromley

With ties to the governor, the Guam Blood Money Game Rooms and the Saipan casino industry it is pretty clear to us what this is all about. So to Mr. Rodney Klinge we say this – don’t come for us unless we call for you. It is probably better you just go back to Manila and spend time with your Lion’s group in retirement.

To those paying Mr. Rodney Klinge to investigate us? Well you’ve done gone and wasted your money. We are an open book. All of our dirt has been public. We have never hid our pasts from the public. Truth is our weapon. Can you say the same?

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