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Saipan Grand Jury Subpoena names 30 prominent members of community

By Nancy I. Maanao

(Susupe, Saipan) Breaking news out of Saipan tonight as our team of correspondents here have confirmed that a new federal grand jury subpoena was issued today.

Our Saipan team is led by lead investigative reporter Jacob Nakamura and joined by our new assistant Saipan editor Nancy I. Maanao. They report that the business community in Saipan is buzzing about today’s grand jury subpoena which names numerous individuals in the prominent business community on Saipan and with ties to Guam. Several high ranking former elected leaders in both Saipan and Guam are also named.

The FBI is seeking all documents in the possession of Imperial Pacific Casino related to financial transactions with the list of names.

The Kandit News Saipan Team received confirmation of the subpoena late this afternoon and have seen the names on the subpoena. The subpoena names 30 individuals and their businesses.

“I am shocked and really shaking from just seeing those names,” a source familiar with the investigation told Kandit News. “Everyone in the social elite are freaking out. They should be.”

Kandit News Saipan will have more tomorrow including the full list of all of those individuals named.

Meanwhile, sources tell us that the feds are currently looking for some missing assets of Governor Ralph Torres of Saipan including at least three massive boats known to be used by the Torres brothers up until very recently.

Our news team located the Papa San boat which is on private property currently still on island.

The "Papa San"

We also found the MV Tiava on Saipan.

The "MV Tiava"

However, their biggest boat – which the Torres brothers are known to call the “mothership” - can no longer be located on Saipan. That boat is actually registered under the name Kevin Guerrero. Sources tell us that they believe the boat may have been quietly relocated to Tinian.

This latest subpoena is part of an FBI investigation into Racketeering charges to include money laundering and foreign donations to U.S. political campaigns with the targets being the Saipan chinese casino along with Governor Torres and his family.

Entrance to Governor Ralph Torres Estate

The FBI raided the casino offices on November 8th and also raided the Governor’s personal residence which you can see the entrance to his home in this photo above. His residence is a sprawling estate in As Teo Heights Saipan.

Google Map of Governor Ralph Torres Estate

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