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San Nicolas asks Republicans to help get financial relief to renters, landlords, and homeowners

By Eric Rosario

Congressman Michael San Nicolas today wrote to Republican Party of Guam chairman Tony Ada asking the Guam GOP to push U.S. Senate Republicans to support legislation that will help thousands of Guam families.

With the passage of H.R. 7301 in the House, the fate of rental and mortgage assistance lies in the hands of the Republican-controlled Senate.

"With mortgage forbearance expiring in August, unemployment bonus of $600 expiring July 31, and eviction moratoriums expiring July 25, Guam and the rest of the country are on the cusp of a new housing crisis," Congressman San Nicolas opened. "Within the Financial Services Committee we pushed HR 7301 through the House that would bring $89.2MM in mortgage assistance, and $138.8MM in rental assistance to Guam, but we need to get it passed in the Senate," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "Similar to our joint efforts that helped secure ongoing War Claims payments for our people, I am reaching out to our Guam Republican Party to help us push for this much needed relief in the Republican controlled Senate in the Congress," Congressman San Nicolas added. "Together it is my hope we can work to secure this relief in some form, that is not only necessary for Guam but for the whole country, and we are prepared to work together to get it done." Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

Mr. San Nicolas and Mr. Ada have worked together in the past two years to push Guam's agenda in Washington D.C., with Mr. San Nicolas as part of the Democratic leadership in the House, and with Guam's GOP pushing its relationships in the Republican-controlled Senate.

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