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San Nicolas promotes rising stars in Washington, D.C. & Guam offices

Congressman Michael San Nicolas has made a series of promotions within his Washington, D.C. and Guam offices following the departure of his legislative director.

The following announcements are from news releases by the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

T'nelta Nelson Mori, Legislative Director

T'nelta Nelson Mori is now the Legislative Director of the Guam Congressional Office.

Stationed in Washington D.C. a Legislative Director is responsible for advancing the policy agenda of the Congressional Office.

"T'Nelta is a daughter of Guam and Micronesia, having served in my public service capacity for eight of the last nine years I have been in office as a Senator and Congressman, and she has risen through the ranks to take on this new responsibility with my full confidence," said Congressman San Nicolas.

A part of the San Nicolas Congressional Office since inception, T'nelta has served as Staff Director of the Washington, DC Office. In her capacity she maintained a number of operational responsibilities to include organizing D.C. staff efforts, assisting in management of a $1.5million budget as a Financial Administrator, managing the Member’s schedule, and handling D.C. congressional casework collaborating with numerous federal agencies as a Caseworker. Mori also served as member of the Congressional Office Insular & FAS Policy Team.

Mori is currently one of three participants selected to represent Guam in the U.S. Department of Interior’s Executive Leadership Development Program, the premier leadership development program for government employees throughout the U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands, and is the highest ranking official of Chuukese-Guamanian descent to serve in the United States Federal Government.

"Your Guam Congressional Office takes great pride in developing and advancing local talent into leadership, and we look forward to T'Nelta continuing to be a pioneer in leadership for her generation," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

Kenneth Leon Guerrero, Staff Director

Kenneth Leon Guerrero is now the Staff Director of the Washington D.C. Office.

A D.C. Staff Director is responsible for organizing D.C. staff responsiveness, co-leading financial management, arranging Member scheduling, and addressing D.C. originated constituent concerns.

"Kenneth over and over again exceeds expectations in the capacities he is assigned, and has advanced rapidly serving in the Congressional Office with his talents realized and valued with empowering management," said Congressman San Nicolas.

Kenneth’s interpersonal communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with constituents and staff. After eight years in local government service, he started employment with your congressional office as a lead caseworker. Shortly after, he earned the title of Casework Manager, and in less than a year, was promoted to District Staff Director.

Kenneth maintained the casework component of the office; managing casework staff and outreach assistants, and acts as the Congressman’s liaison with numerous federal and local government agencies. Kenneth proactively anticipates rising organizational needs and takes the initiative to ensure the office needs are met.

Kenneth has courageous patience found in those who value public service, and in the face of adversity remains composed and responds with high-level engagement and commitment. He is very well-informed and knowledgeable on the diverse facets of leadership.

"With his experience and determination we are confident Kenneth will contribute to the continued success of our public service mission and the growing resiliency in our island communities as the Staff Director for your Congressional Office in Washington, D.C." Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

Julian Bordallo, Guam Staff Director

Julian Bordallo is now Guam Staff Director of the Guam Congressional Office.

A Guam Staff Director primarily supports the Deputy Chief of Staff and assists in District management to include organizing casework and constituent response, liaising with local and federal agencies, addressing District logistics, and tracking local policy development relevant to federal initiatives.

"Julian brings military discipline and finance analytics into public service in a unique way that is highly results-oriented and mission focused, both of which are hallmarks of your Congressional Office and a standard for leadership in our organization," said Congressman San Nicolas.

After serving eight years in the U.S. Navy, Julian worked in the finance industry for three years. He joined the Congressional team through the Wounded Warrior Program and later transitioned to a permanent position as Casework Manager in July 2020. His primary focus is serving Guam’s veteran and military constituency through casework.

During the height of the pandemic, no stranger to adversity, Julian provided leadership to the District casework team to respond to thousands of calls and queries your District congressional office received throughout the pandemic. His persistent and oftentimes innovative approach as liaison to various federal agencies has resulted in an ability to provide clarity and connect the needs of constituents with the necessary resource to find relief.

"With hard work and respect for public service in mind, we are confident Julian will further enhance his service to the people of Guam in his new capacity as Guam Staff Director in your Congressional Office," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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Jo Ann Toves
Jo Ann Toves
Aug 04, 2021

Congratulations Ms. Mori !

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