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San Nicolas recommends Crisostomo to be Biden's #2 budget leader

By Jacob Nakamura

Congressman Michael San Nicolas recommended Dr. Doreen Crisostomo to serve President-elect Biden as his deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget.

The federal OMB is the national equivalent of Guam's Bureau of Budget and Management Research, except the OMB handles trillions of dollars in federal authorizations annually.

In further exercise of his duties as the senior elected federal official for Guam, Congressman San Nicolas continues to make formal recommendations to the Biden-Harris transition team for presidentially appointed positions.

"It is an honor to recommend for nomination Dr. Doreen Crisostomo for consideration to serve as Deputy Director of the United States Office of Management and Budget," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "Not only does Dr. Crisostomo bring a strong academic background as a Certified Government Financial Manager, Certified Internal Controls Auditor, and Certified Fraud Examiner, she has the distinct experience of having financially managed numerous Government of Guam agencies in challenging fiscal environments," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "This experience equips Dr. Crisostomo with the unique talents needed to be able to do more with less, reduce our nation’s dependence on deficit and debt in order to operate, and thereby strengthen the purchasing power of Americans and the dominance of the U.S. dollar," Congressman San Nicolas added.

Dr. Doreen Crisostomo has over 25 years of government service, successfully navigating difficult financial environments in various leadership and policy capacities for the Guam Public School System, the Guam Power Authority, the Guam Housing Corporation, the Guam Memorial Hospital, and the Guam Legislature. A published Professor of Accounting with the University of Guam, she is a member of National Association of Government Accountants Professional Ethics Board, previously a member of the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Association of Government Accountants, and a recipient of numerous financial awards and recognitions from various organizations and educational institutions. A resident of Guam, Dr. Crisostomo shares a loving relationship with Dominic Muna and make their home in the lovely village of Mangilao.   

"More appointment opportunities and candidate viability options continue to be considered as we seek to put meaningful and relevant options forward for the Biden-Harris administration to consider," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.


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