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San Nicolas seeks National Heritage Area study for Guam

The following is news from the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

Today Congressman San Nicolas introduced H.R. 8029, seeking a National Heritage Area (NHA) study for Guam. Such a study, conducted by the National Park Service, will identify areas on Guam that are eligible for NHA designation. Such designation provides federal expertise and funding ranging from $250 thousand to $1 million per year, while keeping the area locally owned and operated.

"NHA designations have been available for over 30 years and we unfortunately have not pursued them for Guam. Now there are 24 other areas awaiting studies ahead of us and a 5 year waiting list," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "Still, we are doing the work necessary to get us into the system and work towards getting critical federal support for our natural, cultural, and historical sites eligible for NHA designation," Congressman San Nicolas continued.

H.R. 8029 will study all of Guam, identifying areas of natural, historic, and cultural resources that reflects traditions, customs, beliefs and folklife that are a valuable part of the story of the United States.

"This study will evaluate our Ancient CHamoru era, Spanish era, WWI era, and Pre and Post WWII era sites, as well as natural formations, for inclusion and financial support," Congressman San Nicolas added.

"From the Cormoran to the Tokai Maru, Chiguian in Yigo to Tinta and Faha in Malesso, Humatak Bay to Mañenggon, the Plaza de España to Gef Pågo, the natural limestone forests of the north and the many areas throughout Southern Guam, and more; federal recognition and financial support for the significant meaning and value these places have in Guam and for America are long overdue, and we are humbled to begin the process with the introduction of H.R. 8029," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.

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