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San Nicolas sends senators help to lower costs of, properly plan new hospital

The following is news from the Office of Congressman Michael San Nicolas:

In a letter to local lawmakers, Congressman San Nicolas extended an invitation to attend an on-island briefing from Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) District Commander Lt. Colonel Eric Marshall. In particular, the briefing will inform lawmakers of added support ACE can provide to properly determine the need and costs of a modernized hospital and healthcare system.

"The current ACE estimates lawmakers are working with is based on replacing GMH only, and does not include the need to increase current or future bed capacity, or to bring in specialty services and reduce the need to seek care off-island," said Congressman San Nicolas. "Before we go out and borrow a BILLION dollars we need to make absolutely sure that our current and future needs are being met, because a 30-year debt on our people demands a facility that will meet 30-year needs of our people," Congressman San Nicolas added.

Recently the Guam Legislature entertained a Bill attempting to borrow up to one billion dollars for a new hospital, public health, and behavioral health facility. That Bill was sent back to Committee and is up for reconsideration.

"We don't even have the land for the facility, we have no plans or designs for the facility, and yet we are rushing to borrow, commit money in a pandemic, and take on massive debt," Congressman San Nicolas added. "Rather than rush things for political purposes we should engage our federal partners to fully scope out our needs and costs so that we do not end up stuck with debt that didn't meet our needs, and we hope our Senators take advantage of this opportunity," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.


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