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Saturday night poker game in Umatac violates Governor’s executive order

A poker game this weekend in Umatac following a double funeral has island residents questioning the enforcement of the Governor’s executive orders.

Many high ranking members in law enforcement including Governor Leon Guerrero’s body guard and even a senior member of her staff were in attendance Saturday.

There is no word from Adelup officials on whether any disciplinary actions will be taken against those with direct ties to the Governor.

The poker game clearly violates the governor’s executive order on social distancing and banning social gatherings and comes in the midst of Governor Leon Guerrero trying to enforce criminal and financial penalties against island residents who violate her order.

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Are they CRAZY this the kind of MADNESS that gambling can cause. I several old people who are prime targets for DEATH. Praying for these FOOLS.


I hear the game rooms are still open in the CNMI


Peter Naputi
Peter Naputi
Apr 05, 2020

Send Tina to investigate

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