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School bus worker accused of spitting on, assaulting, rubbing wart on special needs child

By Johnnie Rosario

Eugene S.N. Santos, who was a bus aide on buses for special needs children on Guam, allegedly pushed, sat on, hit, spit on, and pinched the nipple of a young boy with a severe emotional disability. He also allegedly pinched the boy's nipple before spitting on him.

These several incidences of the alleged assault and bullying of this child occurred on bus rides between the child's home and his school.

Jenna Marler, the boy's mother, alleges Alfred Santos was the bus driver, when these incidences occurred, and encouraged the abuse of the boy by laughing at him.

Both men work for Alutiiq Logistics & Maintenance Services, which was the company contracted to provide school bus services for special needs children.

Ms. Marler is suing Alutiiq, an Alaskan corporation, Santos and Flores in federal court for (and this really is the best way to put this) fucking with her son.

The boy began riding the bus driven by Flores and aided by Santos in the Fall of 2019.

"Upon information and belief, over the course of months, Santos began teasing, harassing and assaulting Child, creating an unsafe traumatic environment for Child.
"By February 2020, Santos had created an environment where he was so comfortable with harassing Child that he grabbed Child, took off his shoes and threw them to the back of the bus, causing Child anxiety and emotional trauma.
"Santos also pushed Child into the seat and sat on top fo him, causing him difficulty in breathing and rendering him unable to move.
"Santos sat on him, not for any emergency purpose, but rather to harass, annoy and cause severe emotional trauma and anxiety.
"Additionally, Santos punched Child's nipple, and spit on him.
"There was also a time that Santos rubbed his wart over the Child. Subsequently, Child developed two warts on his stomach, and one on his right index finger.
"In response, the Driver laughed at what Bus Aide had done to Child." - excerpts from Marler's lawsuit

"At all times material hereto, Alutiiq had actual, constructive, and inquiry knowledge of Santos' actions on the bus described [above]," Ms. Marler's complaint alleges. "Alutiiq maintained video surveillance on Child's bus since the start of the school year."

The complaint reveals the boy suffers from an attachment disorder called Disinhibited Social Disorder, or DSED.

"Children with DSED are at an increased risk of harm from others because of their willingness to connect with strangers. They have trouble forming loving connections with other children and adults."

The harm Ms. Marler alleges Santos and Flores brought upon her son has yet to be fully known, according to her lawsuit. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the medical care and expenses, bodily injury and special damages in an amount to be proven at trial and in excess of $75,000.

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