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Seaport will finally remove old cranes from its docks

The following is news from the Port Authority of Guam:

The demolition and removal of the old gantry cranes will soon begin now that the Port Authority of Guam Board of Directors has approved the project award.

The Board of Directors yesterday approved the award to Guam Industrial Services DBA Guam Shipyard for the Design/Demolition Bid for Demolition Removal and Proper Disposal of 5 Port Inoperable Cranes and Optional Removal/Proper Disposal of One Barge YFN 816 Along Wharf F-6.

“I want to thank all the divisions who are a part of this endeavor. It is a culmination of a lot of work and time to put the bid packet together and to also ensure that we are compliant with the procurement process,” Port General Manager Rory J. Respicio said during yesterday’s meeting. “This project will also help generate money for the Port as the space that will be freed up by the removal of all of this equipment will then be able to be utilized which will bring in wharfage and dockage fees.”

Board Member Dorothy P. Harris commended Respicio and the agency divisions for their work on the project.

“It’s been decades since we’ve been trying to disposed of these old equipment and by removing them, it will expand use of container yard as well as access to the container yard, waterfront area and especially F-6 which we have not been able to use for so long,” Harris said yesterday. “This is wonderful news, thank you again everyone for all your hard work.”

On December 31, 2020, a Multi-Step Invitation for Bid was issued and published soliciting qualified companies/firms to design a demolition and safety plan to properly remove and dispose of five (5) Port inoperable cranes and optional one (1) barge YFN 816. A pre-bid conference and site inspection was held on January 25, 2021. Only one company, the Guam Industrial Services DBA: Guam Shipyard, submitted a bid packet for the project.

The purpose of the project is to safely dismantle archaic, damaged, and inoperable assets by disassembling and cutting the cranes and equipment into manageable pieces that will eventually be shipped offsite to an approved disposal facility. As allowed in the procurement process, Guam Shipyard presented a power point presentation of their demolition plan to the evaluation committee and submitted a bid amount of $2,573,155.00, inclusive of the demolition, removal and disposal of Gantry No. 2 and No. 3, one mobile harbor crane, two rubber tire gantry cranes and one barge YFN 816 at Wharf F-6. Funding for this project is 100% provided by the Port Authority of Guam.

The Port will now be requesting final review and approval from the PUC.

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