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Senator Clynt Ridgell says we need to get rid of liberty machines, calls them monopoly

Senator Clynt Ridgell says we need to get rid of liberty machines and calls them a monopoly favoring Guam Music Inc.

Senator Clynt ridgell in an interview with Troy Torres today agreed that liberty machines have a negative effect on our community and says they contribute to crimes such as drugs and robberies.

“There are negative effects to it … and I know there are drugs tied to it,” Ridgell said.

Ridgell says he is personally not opposed to gambling because he believes in an individual’s right to choose but acknowledges the monopoly on the gambling machines in favor of Port Deputy Director Connie Jo Brennan Shinohara, her husband Gil Shinohara and their business partners Johnny Cool Torres and Guam Music Inc.

Ridgell says if Guam is going to allow gambling then it needs to be regulated and opened up for other forms of gambling. “It is unfair because only some people are allowed licenses,” the Senator said.

However, Ridgell said if Guam is going to outright ban gambling then it should apply to game rooms as well.

“If gambling is illegal currently and unless we change current law then we need to get rid of liberty machines,” he said.

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