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Senators question governor's revenue projection increases during austere economic times

By Troy Torres

Sen. Wil Castro is asking how the Leon Guerrero administration can justify increases in revenue projections from withholding taxes, when the economy is in disarray, and collections of those taxes are on the decline.

Senators are in session right now asking the governor's budget and cash directors questions about her new budget proposal. The new budget increases General Fund revenues by $7 million.

$5 million of that increase is projected from withholding taxes.

Budget director Lestor Carlson said federal funding increases provide the foundation for the increase in projections.

"If the strategy is to count on federal funding without an economic development strategy, that would be like hanging your hat on a nail on the wall that won't be there next year. There are no guarantees," Mr. Castro said.

Senators continue their questioning of the administration officials in session at this hour.

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Joe Guthrie
Joe Guthrie
14 de set. de 2020

Senators should lay on 10% surcharge on Guam Income Tax, as is authorized by the Organic Act. 'If not now, when?'

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