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Senators taking a gamble

Kandit News has confirmed that representatives of the game room industry have been making their rounds and getting commitments from lawmakers to vote against Senator Telena Nelson’s bill that would ban their blood money once and for all.

We have obtained the list of 7 Senators who have given their commitments to the game room owners and while the list would shock many island residents, it certainly won’t shock those who frequent the game rooms.

Kandit News has the names of all seven and have been informed that at least two of the senators are well known at the game rooms. In fact one of the senators who has sold his vote to the Blood Money profiteers is actually quite lucky at the game rooms and is often seen cashing out his loot. A former manager of one Game Room tells us that this senator (who for now shall remain anonymous but Just So All know we plan to release his name) should have reported his winnings as supplemental income in his financial disclosure form.

Tomorrow we bring light to the darkness.

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