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Sexual predator released from prison

By Jacob Nakamura

Convicted sex predator Dr. Michael Ehlert was released from prison this morning, Department of Corrections deputy director Bob Camacho confirmed.

“It was full time release,” Mr. Camacho said. “He served his sentence.“

A Superior Court jury found Ehlert guilty of multiple counts of felony criminal sexual conduct in 2017. He began his sentence on June 24, 2019.

Ehlert was a politically-powerful professor within the University of Guam’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, where he taught psychology.

He was notorious for throwing off-campus parties, where several students accuse him of imbibing them with alcohol, trying to seduce them, and even running around naked.

In 2014, at least three students tried to file complaints with UOG officials that Ehlert sexually assaulted them at these parties.

UOG officials did nothing to address the women’s complaints, and eventually recommended the students seek help through the university’s psychology department, which Ehlert chaired at the time.

Then-UOG President Dr. Robert Underwood dismissed claims that the university and its powerful faculty union were covering up the scandal, when another UOG professor, Dr. Ron McNinch, forced UOG to break its silence on it.

Mr. McNinch began a crusade to defend the student victims. He was eventually chastised by the university’s management and Faculty Senate for speaking up and against university actions. Both the Faculty Senate and Mr. Underwood attempted to censure and discipline McNinch for leading a public effort to have Ehlert fired from the university.

Between the first complaints in 2014 and his conviction in 2017, UOG not only kept Ehlert on its payroll, but continued to allow him to teach and have access to students for the majority of that period.

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