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Shieh makes good on promise; donates $1,000 to GAIN

By Eric Rosario

Dr. Thomas Shieh was with a patient at his clinic, when Guam Animals In Need president Cyrus Luhr stopped by his office at 11 a.m. today to pick up the donation Dr. Shieh invited Luhr to receive on behalf of GAIN. Shieh delivered on that promise, leaving a check for $1,000 with his staff to give to Luhr.

Dr. Shieh made the donation in honor of his two pets, who recently died. His dog, Meme, was 12; and his cat, Luna, was 22.

Pictured below are Luhr (right), who picked up the donation for GAIN; Grace Navaska (left), a nurse at Dr. Shieh's Clinic; and Rochelle Ebeo (center), also a nurse who works at Dr. Shieh's Clinic. In the picture between the two nurses and Luhr is Baby Maui, Dr. Shieh's grandson.

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