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Shimizu stole money meant for little girl's medical treatment

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's security guard, Guam Police Officer Ryan Shimizu, stole a wallet that contained $300 from a man who saved that money to afford the co-payment for a medical procedure his daughter needs.

Kandit confirmed that the victim, who does not wish to be identified because of his daughter's medical privacy, dropped his wallet at Familia Mart in Chalan Pago - the same wallet Mr. Shimizu took from the store and stole money from.

The victim's daughter has a debilitating and painful medical condition. While the victim has insurance, the co-payment for this type of treatment is expensive.

Mr. Shimizu was arrested, booked and released from police custody Friday. He was charged with theft of property lost or mislaid and official misconduct. He received special treatment, as most people charged with theft are booked and confined to the custody of the Department of Corrections detention center in Hagatna until their magistrates hearing.

He is a member of Ms. Leon Guerrero's executive security team, and is a piece of shit for stealing from a little girl who is suffering.

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Frances Torres
Frances Torres
Nov 17, 2019

Cold and heartless scumbag!


He sure is a piece of shit

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