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Speaker defends right of elected officials who lose elections to work for GovGuam

By Johnnie Rosario

Speaker Tina Muna Barnes defended the rights of elected officials who lose the election to work for GovGuam. She made these comments in opposition to Sen. Jim Moylan's amendment to the budget to prohibit elected officials who lose the election or who don't run again from working in GovGuam for 12 months.

"All I have to say is all power to them if they're going to get [that job]," Ms. Muna Barnes said. "I object to this amendment."

Sen. Joe San Agustin also said if he lost the election he would want to move back to his former position at the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

Sen. Therese Terlaje asked Mr. Moylan to define his amendment further so that it meets constitutional muster.

Mr. Moylan obliged and withdrew his amendment so he can refine it.

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