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Speaker Terlaje: All of us have duty to "expose uncomfortable truths in our government."

By Johnnie Rosario

Speaker Therese Terlaje provided the strongest anti-corruption statements among her Democratic colleagues in the 36th Guam Legislature to date. The speaker, responding to questions about police corruption, public safety chairman Sen. Jose "Pedo" Terlaje, and chief of police Stephen Ignacio, said "Corruption in law enforcement is especially concerning because of the power law enforcement officers have to impact lives and the potential to impede the entire justice system."

Unlike her colleagues who have answered Kandit's questions thus far, Ms. Terlaje left the door open for further scrutiny of Mr. Ignacio, if the findings of investigations reveal corruption within the Guam Police Department.

Here is her full statement:

"Yes, of course I am concerned with corruption in the government of Guam and ran for office and worked hard to expose the truth as much as I can. I have been an advocate of checks and balances between the branches of government. It takes all of us on Guam to help expose uncomfortable truths in our government. Corruption in law enforcement is especially concerning because of the power law enforcement officers have to impact lives and the potential to impede the entire justice system.

"While we look for the Chief of Police to fully explain and conduct appropriate action relative to the Jerry’s Kitchen incident and the persons and officers involved, it is on its face very concerning, especially with the newly released information. I support Sen. Pedo’s decision to recuse himself from GPD oversight while allegations against his immediate family are pending, and I support the recusal of elected and appointed officials in all capacities from oversight matters involving their immediate families or from voting on bills that will grant special benefit to their families or family businesses. I am anxiously awaiting the results of the AG investigations into allegations made against law enforcement officers in the federal cases.

"The Chief of Police has promised a thorough investigation and I look forward to those findings being put on the table. If additional action is warranted at that time, I will support action to ensure trust and fairness in the police department."

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Joe Guthrie
Joe Guthrie
Apr 03, 2021

Whatever happened to the prosecution of those responsible for authorizing the retroactive pay raises awarded during the Calvo Administration? 4 GCA 6218.1 provides: § 6218.1. Prohibition on Retroactive Pay Raise. Whenever a classified or unclassified employee of the Government of Guam, including all departments, agencies and instrumentalities, whether or not autonomous, receives an increase in pay resulting from step increase, pay range increase, promotion or any other cause, such increase in pay shall not be retroactive from the date of its authorization, unless so specified by law. Any person who authorizes a pay raise which is retroactive in violation of this Section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. For a timeline of the relevant events, see the following: As…


Meno Franklin
Meno Franklin
Apr 01, 2021

I like the wording ,,all of us have duty to expose uncomfortable truths. I say lets get uncomfortable then hafa mon? My question is, which one of the 15 senators is going to draw first blood ? ,and who else in the 36th will stand up with them ?The 36th Guam lechays lay chair standing up for people ? Hmmm to me I just dont see it happening , no way under the sun ,either everyone from the ivory tower to the trash can has something to hide,or they are scared that some dirt will be discovered .They cant just keep acting lke nothing happen ,or not even care or they really dont hmmm ? Public perception and…

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