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Staffler endorses Kilili for governor

By Nancy I. Maanao

Democrat Congresswoman Leila Fleming Staffler this week signed the petition to draft Congressman Gregorio "Kilili" Camacho Sablan to run for governor in 2022 in the CNMI.

"I have signed the petition," Ms. Staffler wrote to Kandit. "I support a 'Kilili for Governor' ticket. 100%!!!!"

The first-term member of the CNMI House of Representatives and longtime educator confirmed she has not been asked to be any gubernatorial aspirant's runningmate, and intends to remain in the CNMI House rather than seek executive office.

Kandit has polled the Democrat and Independent coalition members of the CNMI House and Senate regarding the Kilili for Governor petition from the CNMI Democratic Party, and whether any of them are considering a run for higher office.

Ms. Staffler was the first to answer all the questions. Congressman Ed Propst, and Congresswomen Tina Sablan and Celina Roberto Babauta have confirmed they signed the Kilili petition, but have not answered the questions regarding higher office yet.

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