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Storm watch

By Jacob Nakamura

Guam could be seeing some rough weather coming up soon. An area of broad low pressure, designated as Invest 91W by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) has intensified to a "non-warning" tropical depression by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

As of last night, the depression was located 540 miles southeast of Guam and was moving west at 11 miles per hour. Tropical Depression 91W shows a consolidating system and upper-level analysis depicts an excellent environment for intensification, with low wind shear, robust outflow and warm sea-surface temperature.

Global models currently agree on a possible tropical cyclone development within the next 48 hours, as it continues to move on a west-northwestward track, however, the forecast has low confidence, as of this moment, as this disturbance has just formed. Kandit News will be monitoring this disturbance and will bring you the latest as it develops.

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