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TAITAGUE: Investigate Lou Leon Guerrero

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Sen. Telo Taitague says she supports audits by Public Auditor Benjamin J. Cruz into the procurement of quarantine and isolation facilities by the governor's legal counsel and son in law Haig Huynh.

Mr. Huynh and his mother in law's staff assistant Carlo T. Branch told a legislative oversight committee that Ms. Leon Guerrero was the procuring authority for the hotels.

Ms. Taitague is upset at the lack of answers from the administration at the oversight hearing, and says that if the audits reveal impropriety, she will seek a federal inquiry into the administration. Here is her full statement:

"Because I and perhaps some of my colleagues didn't get much answers out of those who testified at last week's oversight hearing, I'm grateful the OPA is now looking into this matter

"I understand based on an article published in the Guam Daily Post on May 23, 2020 that the Public Auditor is seeking records from Adelup concerning the procurement of COVID-19 quarantine and isolation facilities. The OPA is reportedly conducting a performance audit to determine whether the procurement of hotels used for COVID-19 quarantine was conducted in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

"I support the OPA's decision to take a proactive approach in this regard; a legislative investigation would be necessary should the OPA face roadblocks in obtaining public records from Adelup and other government officials going forward. Moreover, I remain prepared to seek a federal inquiry on this matter should the OPA performance audit confirm any of the alleged impropriety."
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1 Comment

Richard V Leon
Richard V Leon
May 27, 2020

Another 'Black Eye and Dophe' award that Goober-na Little LouLG nad her F-TROOP stadd won hands down. YES, there's the ever increasing subliminal CHamorro Constitution that marks the Guam Islanders as UNSTATED LOSERS 4EeevveerrR following blindly the BOG thumb sucking Logic. YES, all these Guam Politicos, past and present should be INVESTIGATED. The America Guamanian Public deserves better Governance for such a small Island. The American Guamanian Public has fallen VICTIM to the BEGGING TRAP and BRAINWASH. That DOCOMO song comes to mind! What are we really proud of? Bad Politics and good eaters and sports? Just saying!

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