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Teen: 'She touched my dick and I hit her'

By Troy Torres

The Office of the Attorney General is charging Jeremy Janell Alvarez with the attempted murder and aggravated assault of his neighbor, Sun Cha Park Allen, a 77-year-old resident of Afame, Sinajana.

According to prosecutor Lenny Rapadas's declaration of probable cause, Mr. Alvarez admitted to police he assaulted Ms. Allen after she allegedly touched his penis. Mr. Rapadas stated Ms. Allen remains in critical condition at Guam Regional Medical Center.

The following is the full account contained in the magistrates complaint against Mr. Alvarez:

"On or about December 08, 2020, at about 02:39 p.m., the officers responded to an assault

complaint at an Afame Road residence in Sinajana. When they arrived at the location, they met an individual, later identified as Richard Anthony Mull who stated that approximately 30 minutes earlier, same date, he was in the living room of the above residence. There were several households living in the residence. At that time, he heard one of the residents, a Rose Crisostomo, calling out to him, that “she’s bleeding; there’s blood.” Crisostomo was referring to Sun Cha Park Allen (“Victim”). When he went to where Crisostomo was, Mull saw the Victim lying face down on the floor. He also saw blood and a standard, claw type hammer laying next to the Victim. He then saw his brother, Paul B. Schaeffler, attempting to render first aid to the Victim.

"Officer Pangelinan spoke to Felipe A. Babauta who indicated that the residence has four

bedrooms and housed several families. One of the families was Nellie Alvarez and her two sons, identified as Jerald Alvarez and JEREMY JANELL ALVAREZ (“DEFENDANT”). Crisostomo and the Victim shared a bedroom. Babauta said that at about 02:00 p.m., same date, he was in a restroom in the residence and heard loud banging coming from the Victim’s bedroom. Minutes later, he emerged from the restroom and saw that her bedroom door was closed. He also saw the DEFENDANT standing in front of that door. The DEFENDANT then picked up a black shoulder bag that was on top of a chair and walked towards the living room area. The DEFENDANT was also seen looking through the hallway closet, then walking towards the living room/kitchen area. Babauta saw the DEFENDANT looking through a black and gray colored backpack that was on the kitchen table. Babauta told the officer that the backpack was no longer at the residence, but the shoulder bag was.

"Babauta stated he was outside and was picking up trash when the DEFENDANT joined and assisted him. He then heard yelling from inside the residence. He rushed inside and saw several individuals at the doorway to the Victim’s bedroom. He saw Mull and Crisostomo. He also saw Schaeffler assisting the Victim. Crisostomo was yelling, “She’s bleeding!” repeatedly. Babauta told the officer that he saw the Victim laying face down and that there was a hammer in the pool of blood near her head. He saw what looked like an injury to the back of her head. Babauta called 911. Afterwards, he realized Crisostomo and Jerald Alverez had left. But he also noticed that Nellie Alverez and the DEFENDANT left too.

"At about 03:49p.m., same date, the officer was informed that the DEFENDANT was at Central Precinct Command. He was brought there by a John Tedtaotao. When the officer met with the DEFENDANT, he saw him kneeling in front of the flagpole in front of the precinct. He also appeared to be crying. When asked by the officer if he was okay, the said, “She broke my heart. She touched my dick.” When the officer asked why did he come to the precinct and what did he need from the police, the said, “Sir, she touched my dick and hit her.” He had confirmed he was helping Babauta clean up earlier and that Babauta had run into the residence when the commotion started. He saw the other residents in the Victim’s doorway. He also saw blood. When the officer asked what he meant when he said that she broke his heart, the DEFENDANT answered with, "She messed with the wrong guy.” When asked how he hit her, the DEFENDANT said “I hit her. It’s too late.”

"The DEFENDANT spoke to another officer. The DEFENDANT clarified that he wanted to asked the Victim for some Xanax and that was when she touched him. He said it made him angry and he hit her with the hammer that was in her room. She had been kneeling down facing away from him when he hit her. She fell after the first hit, but continued to hit her “five to ten times” more because he “felt like keep going.” He confirmed he dropped the hammer. He did not know what happened to it after that. The officers confiscated clothing the used at the time of the incident. The officers saw what appeared to be blood spatter on his shirt, shorts, and shins.

"The Victim had been transported to the Naval Regional Medical Center to stabilize her life threatening injuries. Afterwards, she was transferred to Guam Regional Medical for a neurological assessment and surgery. As 08:20 p.m., same date, the Victim’s condition was noted to be critical."

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