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Terlaje: Dear CLTC, Dan lied

By Eric Rosario

GTA vice president Dan Tydingco Thursday told the Chamorro Land Trust Commission the company submitted its unsolicited proposal to use land in Alupang and Agat based on a recommendation from Sen. Therese Terlaje. He referred to a June 17, 2020 letter from the senator to the CLTC regarding GTA's undersea cable project, for which they need the submerged lands.

Ms. Terlaje was sitting 10 feet away from Mr. Tydingco, when he made that statement. Her eyes opened wide at the remarks as she shook her head.

Today, Ms. Terlaje wrote again to the CLTC, and her message was abundantly clear: Dan Tydingco was not telling the truth about her position on the undersea cables project.

"I heard GTA‘s representative Mr. Dan Tydingco represent to the Chamorro Land Trust Commission at yesterday’s Commission meeting that I had condoned his appraisals or that I supported GTA’s appraisal for submerged lands. That is incorrect." - Sen. Therese Terlaje, July 10 letter to the CLTC

The June 17 letter Mr. Tydingco referenced from Ms. Terlaje was anything but an endorsement of the GTA request to use CLTC lands. In the letter, Ms. Terlaje cautions the CLTC to not proceed with any lease without appraisals, a financial study and a showing of "a concerted effort to obtain the best value for Guam and the CLTC in this and future negotiations involving submerged lands."

"The letter clearly questions what type of methodology will be used for determining the value of the submerged land to be leased and inquiries with GEDA and the CLTC as to whether there should be a special expertise or special valuation methodology enlisted to assist the Trust in determining value." - July 10 Terlaje letter

This is not the first time Mr. Tydingco has been dishonest before a government tribunal.

Throughout the Calvo administration, when he was the chairman of the seaport board of directors, he told senators a version of the Port 7 scandal story that documents show is far from the facts. Port deputy manager Luis Baza later confirmed following an investigation that the witch hunt Mr. Tydingco led against the Port 7 was baseless.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero appointed him to serve on the airport board of directors last year, then withdrew his appointment when it became apparent senators would not vote to confirm him.

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