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Terlaje family member arrested on gun-related charges

By Eric Rosario

Director of Agriculture Chelsa Muna has confirmed late Friday night “a Terlaje was arrested for spotlighting.”

Spotlighting involves the use of a spotlight and possession of a gun in criminal violation of Guam’s hunting laws.

Conservation officers arrested the man, whose full identity Ms. Muna will disclose, when she reviews her officer’s report Monday. Meanwhile, independent sources confirm the man is a member of Sen. Jose “Pedo” Terlaje’s family.

The senator’s family has come under intense public scrutiny following his son, Joey Terlaje’s, name being name being implicated in corruption allegations disclosed in a federal trial; and his granddaughter, Guam Police Officer Joneen Terlaje’s involvement in the crash that destroyed Jerry’s Kitchen.

One member of the Terlaje family is a convicted felon, and is forbidden from ever possessing a firearm.

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