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Thank you, Mr. Bennett

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tumon, Guam) Kagman, Saipan resident and justice advocate Ambrose Bennett has been speaking out against the corruption of the Torres administration and his Republican stooges occupying the leadership of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands legislature. He has been writing a weekly column in the Marianas Variety entitled Epitaph of CNMI's democracy.


Epitaph 59 published today; we're honored by the kind words Mr. Bennett has for Kandit News and wanted to share his article from the Variety with you:

I SAID when I wrote the first Epitaph that our Dead Democracy, our Governor & GOP would not let me run out of things to write about and that I would try to be CNN West in the Marianas for the People of the CNMI when it comes the corruption in our Government and our dead Democracy, well we ALL now have HELP!
First and foremost, I want to extend my sincere GRATITUDE SUPPORT and ADMIRATION for the reporting of Kandit News of Guam. You guys are simply FANTASTIC and YES we do need Kandit in the CNMI. Kandit is figuratively our CNN of the Marianas as a TRUE reflection of the PEOPLE’s News. I am officially CROWNING you as “the People’s Voice of the Marianas the Whistleblower Network.” I wrote an article about the need for Whistleblowers in the CNMI and NOW our whistleblowers have another Media Services that WELCOMES them and even supports and promotes the Whistleblower Complaints and Concerns. SO PLEASE don’t stop providing Kandit and our Local Media outlets with information as YOUR VOICE can make a difference! Kandit is new in the Marianas so tell another friend to tell another friend to stay tuned to for MORE News and BLOW your WHISTLE on corruption & crime!
For those who may not understand the full MAGNITUDE of the Fed’s raids in the CNMI and what the Governor and his family are facing you need to know what the RICO Federal Law is: it is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, (the RICO Act). RICO is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. Yes, someone is being looked at as being the HEAD of a Criminal Organization, like the Mafia, composed of those people on but not limited to the subpoena list that the FBI cannot confirm NOR deny. But we are all past the first grade where we learned that 1 + 1 = 2 and how to read-between the lines in Junior High were “context clues.” RICO was meant to take down Mafia Leaders & Drug Operations!
Readers may or may not want to believe this but the CNMI’s Elections have been virtually bought and paid for LONG BEFORE the election season even starts. The revelation by the Feds that China has been interfering not only in the elections on the mainland but also right here in the CNMI is a Reality-Check for voters. I TOLD readers SO on more than one occasion that our Governor SOLD-us-OUT to China and now the Feds are PROVING that I was RIGHT! But who really listens to and believes this outsider who is scorned by the GOP but they can’t deny that the Feds are telling the truth and vengeance and vindication is the Lord as it is written! I am so thankful to be vindicated by the Feds! I am sooo glad the Feds have identified people & businesses on our POISONOUS Political Tree of our Governor & IPI figuratively. Every lawyer knows the “poisonous tree and its fruits” as being a deadly and a convicting factor in criminal cases. I told readers the Governor was not interested in holding IPI accountable to pay the millions they owe because he was getting rich with no salary cut under austerity, he was living off our dollar with his travel & purchases and very happy with what IPI was doing for him & his which included paying for his election. Now the People know why no one in the Legislature said a single word about getting the money that IPI owes us as they also know what the deal is with IPI and the Governor. Who did the Governor run to first, YES, he ran straight to ONLY the GOP Elected Officials to make sure they had his back. We’re not stupid Governor!
I can even remember WARNING readers that our Governor was taking “side trips to Idaho and Texas on OUR dollar” when it was his PERSONAL business that he should be paying for but NO ONE said nor did anything about his illegal travel and even buying PERSONAL things with OUR money like he doesn’t get a salary. I see why Ms. Larson may have quit being associated with the approval of our Governor’s BS for reimbursement! Now Kandit News actually have the records of the Governor spending OUR money while on those side trips for “PERSONAL ITEMS” and the election donations that was over a half-million dollars to the GOP in the last election and some of the purchases made by our Governor on his side trips that were PERSONAL purchases that he was reimbursed for. WOW! It was “cheap & petty” for someone of that statue to let GREED show its face as it is clear the Governor has been making side trips, buying gifts for himself & family with our dollar. I BEEN TELLING YOU SO for the longest of times. HELLER and PLEASE wake up voters! Our Governor is living high when he travels on OUR dollar, he’s getting a Housing Allowance, a Salary that WAS NOT affected by Austerity, IPI footing ALL of his Political Bills and he is so cheap as to make U.S. folks in the cheap seats pay for his toys and gifts to himself and family. I’m going to stop as my stomach is getting upset. It’s sad and even sickening!!!
It also seems the Governor has gotten his entire family and everyone who took money in the Dog-house with him and headed for the BIG HOUSE, for TRUE! But my concern is ONLY about the Governor and other ELECTED People involved as it is now OPEN SEASON on the Governor & his GOP Crew declared by the FBI! I don’t think it is right to attack his family members as they are private citizens who are going to get ENOUGH from the FBI anyway. I think it’s important to STAY professional and FOCUSED on our Governor and his fellow crew in the Legislature because WE the PEOPLE can GET RID OF THEM, especially if they don’t do RIGHT by failing to Censure and/or Impeach like they did with Governor Fitial.
Our Governor may beat the case but his political career should be DONE in the CNMI as voters would have to literally be idiots to vote for a Governor who claims purchase reimbursements and has clearly sold ALL of us out to IPI and the PROOF of that is ALREADY a matter of public fact. But too his credit the SELL-OUT was legal because We the People AUTHORIZED him and his GOP controlled Legislature to DO WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO. So the next time you vote THINK long and hard about the BIG Picture and don’t be a follower of a Rooster just because you think he/she will win. It’s not a popularity contest it is a TEST for your VOTE of Confidence! So make darn SURE you are CONFIDENT with your vote so that We can ALL or at least the majority will pass the test as the OWNERs of our Government! It’s now obvious that WE failed miserably by voting in Ralph Torres! One People One Direction!
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Greaaaat job My Kandit news family,I fucken love you guys 😘

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