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THANK YOU: Volunteers cleaning up other people's mess

By Johnnie Rosario

(Tamuning, Guam) A group of volunteers at this hour are cleaning up an illegal dump site along the back road connecting Home Depot to Sejong Restaurant in Tamuning.

Passerby and Kandit stroll patrol reporter Lance Taitano took footage of the cleanup.

Thank you to the volunteers, who care enough to clean up after the mess left by those shameless enough to disrespect our island.

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The CNMI is such a shameless island the Mayor of Saipan imports young student tourists and has them "volunteer" to clean up the beach areas of litter so they can get a pat on the back and a certificate. Now that we have the Wuhan Virus shutting down tourism, the beaches will go back to getting fucked up by lazy assholes who don't care for their own homeland and the trash will probably just sit there. Welcome to Saipan where illegal dumping & littering seems to be a local sport. Maybe we can have an event at the next Pacific Olympics like tire throwing or beer can toss? Maybe use a junk car as a ticket booth. Boonie dogs as…

Me gusta
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