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The Hotel Thrasher strikes again

By Troy Torres

(Tumon, Guam) Apparently Hotel Row has not learned its lesson from the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa's encounter with Dionne Estella, the Hotel Thrasher.

Ms. Estella was arrested Sunday after causing another obnoxious disturbance at another Tumon hotel and causing $500 worth of damages. Her modus operandi is trending as well; Ms. Estella wrote on her Oceanview hotel room mirror, using permanent marker.

Keeping with her signature criminal mischief misdemeanors, Ms. Estella was confronted by hotel security following a call by guests of a noisy disturbance. She was verbally combative and refused to leave. The hotel called police. She again refused to leave and commanded the officers not to take her because she is a Freemason.

She then yelled that she was being raped and that rape is illegal.

Before the evening of absolute bonkers ended for Ms. Sumsing Wong 2019, she resisted arrest so strongly that two officers had to restrain her until handcuffs could be placed on her wrists. As if that were not enough for what inevitably will make it to the Guam Police Department's Christmas party top 10 year in review moments, Ms. Estella spread her legs while in the back of the police car so that officers would not be able to close the door.

This is a departure from her previous incident at the Hilton, where Ms. Estella was arrested then bribed an officer with sex and offering the officer to "fuck" her. She also threatened to ruin his marriage.

Prosecutor Jeremy Kemper, whom we have no idea how he will not laugh in open court while prosecuting this case, in his declaration of probable cause accuses Ms. Estella of resisting arrest as a misdemeanor and criminal mischief as a misdemeanor. He did not accuse her of being certifiably cookoo; neither did he accuse the hotel of being stupid enough to rent her a room.

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2 commentaires

Wow she needs help ,she should lay of the kek,put the pipe down dawl


Juanita Machie
Juanita Machie
15 oct. 2019

Hotel thrasher...😂

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