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Torres family hires ex-FBI agent

By Jacob Nakamura

(Tumon, Guam) The Torres brothers have enlisted the help of ex-Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Jay Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe and Victorino Torres traveled together from Hawaii to Narita, Japan three days ago. They did not transit through to Guam or Saipan, but stayed in Japan, according to witnesses.

Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC's vice president of legal affairs, Viola Alepuyo, transited through Guam from Saipan to Japan more than a week ago.

Mr. Wolfe, according to sources, recently was involved in federal investigations in the Mariana Islands.

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Is this the same ex-FBI that the Rota Mayor and his GF hired to investigate their ongoing court case, after replacing Clyde when Clyde got the illegal Contract for the Census?


Is this the same "ex-FBI agent"that the Rota mayor hired to get another court date extension to replace Clyde when Clyde got an illegal contract by Ralphy Boy's Admin for the Census?


This brilliant tactical maneuver is called "grasping at straws."


Wise move torres?? Jeremy Wolfe was terminated from the FBI several years ago (not surprised), owns Saipan Brewing Co. and Marianas Creation Cafe. Might be his way of getting back at the FBI for firing him. ha! you should look into him.


Former Agent Mr. Jay Wolfe should better be described as disgraced & terminated from the FBI former agent Jay Wolfe, or so I hear. Pretty difficult to get fired from a cushy 6-figure federal job on Saipan. That might be fun for Kandit to look into. But thats exactly the kind of person I expect Torres to hire for some dirty work

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