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Tropical Depression 20W moves closer to Marianas, forecasted to become typhoon Mon/Tue

By Barbara Brown

(Tumon, Guam) Tropical Depression 20W was 946 nautical miles east of Guam as of an hour ago. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center upgraded Invest 93W to a tropical depression, as forecasted a few hours ago. The JTWC said earlier today that the storm was rapidly forming and intensifying into a cyclone, when it was 1,080 nautical miles east of the island today.

It is tracking westward.

The tropical depression is moving at 17.2 miles per hour. It will continue to move westward for the next 48 hours, then shift to move west-northwestward, placing the Northern Mariana Islands within the direct trajectory of the storm.

Tropical Depression 20W is highly likely to intensify quickly into a typhoon by the time it reaches the Marianas, which is expected by Monday or Tuesday. Though Guam is not within the direct track of the storm, it is within the southern perimeter of the tracking model, which means a shift southward could place the island in the direct path of the eye.

The storm is forecasted to reach super typhoon intensity within 120 hours.

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I thought her name was Barbara White ☔️


Helen Mantanona
Helen Mantanona
Oct 05, 2019

Thank you Barbara Brown!

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