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Tropical disturbance developing southeast of the Marianas

By Barbara Brown

(Tumon, Guam) A tropical disturbance is developing 1,772 miles southeast of the Marianas, and is expected to move along a northwest track, as of 12 p.m. Sunday (ChST). At that time it was 146 miles northeast of Kwajalein Atoll.

According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Invest 92W (as it is called for now) has persisted at 10.9º north latitude and 171.0 east longitude. "The system is in a region of warm temperature," according to the JTWC statement. This means conditions are rife for further development.

The JTWC has upgraded the chances for 92W to develop into a significant tropical cyclone within the next 24 hours.

Early global forecasts from different meteorological agencies throughout the world show different possible tracks, one of which takes the storm slightly north of Saipan. (See chart below)

Kandit will continue to monitor this development.

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Wow Barbra panty down brown 😂😂 be safe guys prayers for Guam and marianas that it don’t hit

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